JACKSONVILLE, Fla — A First Coast woman says her swimming pool is a mess because of shoddy renovation work: peeling walls, crooked steps and wavy patterns in the finish. 

“The steps were crooked like this bulging out, the wall is so bad,” Robin Rukab told Ken Amaro at an I’m Telling Ken event at Culhane’s Irish Pub.

Rukab said she hired the pool contractor in June to give the pool and the deck a complete facelift. 

Five months and $26,000 later, Rukab is very unhappy with the results.

“I had a better-looking pool before he started and it was 16 years old,” she said.

The pool contractor told On Your Side the problem is with the subcontractor the company hired to put a new plaster surface on the pool.

“The Marcite has to be redone, it is just ridiculous,” Rukab said.

She plans to file a complaint with state regulators; even file a lawsuit, but would prefer the company to make it good.

“I want them to come in and make it beautiful,” she said.

The owner of the pool plaster company told us he will reach out to Rukab to try and resolve the issues.

We will follow up and let you know the outcome.

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