The concluding day of the 2019 Speedo Sectionals Austin saw competition in the 200 IM, 50 free, women’s 800 free, men’s 1500 free and the medley relay. The final day proved to be just as exciting with tight finishes and great swims across the board. This meet is taking place at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swim Center in Austin, Texas from 11-14 July.

Monika Gonsalez-Hermosillo won the 200 IM in addition to having already won the 400 IM earlier in the meet. Longhorn Aquatics topped the men’s team score chart while Aggie Swim Club topped the women’s team score chart.

The final team scores are as follows:

  1. Longhorn Aquatics (758.5)
  2. Aggie Swim Club (672)
  3. Austin Swim Club (475)
  4. Nitro Swimming (367.5)
  5. Unattached South Texas (265)

Check out the coverage from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3. Speedo Sectionals Austin live results can be found here.

Women’s 200 IM

Monika Gonsalez-Hermosillo of Aggie Swim Club completed a clean sweep of the IM races, dropping over two seconds to win gold in a time of 2:16.61. Coming in second was teammate Camryn Toney (2:19.19), to give the Aggies a 1-2 finish. Ella Flowers of Rice Aquatics was just one tenth behind at 2:19.29.

Finishing in fourth place was Olivia Johnson of Tulane Aquatics, who got under the 2:20 mark with a 2:19.56. Longhorn’s Ashley Pollok (2:20.18) and Katherine McDonald of Tulane Aquatics (2:21.17) nabbed fifth and sixth place respectively, while Tiger Aquatics’ Brittany Thompson (2:21.48) and Lakeside Aquatics’ Amelia Liu (2:22.70) rounded out the championship final.


Men’s 200 IM

Unattached swimmer Nicholas Milikich took home the title, winning a closely fought race with a time of 2:04.52. Winning runner-up honors was Ryan Harty of YMCA North Shore with a time of 2:04.62 while Isaac Barrera of the Alamo Area Aquatic Association came in third clocking in at 2:05.82.

Teo D’Alessandro of Lakeside Aquatics grabbed fourth in a time of 2:06.14 to out-touch Colter Carman of Longhorn Aquatics (2:06.20). Vincent Ribeiro of Nitro Swimming took sixth place (2:07.45), while Samuel Player of Alamo Area Aquatic Association (2:08.77) came in seventh and Longhorn’s Halvor Borgstroem (2:09.87) came in eighth.


Women’s 800 Free

Joy Field of Aggie Swim Club emerged victorious in a time of 8:44.06, while 13 year old Jillian Cox of Austin Trinity Aquatics finished a close second in a time of 8:44.20. Cox has previously won the 400 free at these championships. In third place was Emma Monson of Texas Ford Aquatics over 20 seconds back at 9:04.84.

Karly Merriott of Rockwall Aquatics came fourth clocking in at 9:05.58, while 13 year old Abby Dunford of Tiger Aquatics took fifth place with a time of 9:06.09. Nabbing sixth place was Clare Vetkoette of Texas Ford Aquatics (9:07.67) while Maya Lofland of Texas Gold (9:14.73) and Annabelle Thompson of Crawfish Aquatic (9:16.22) rounded out the top eight.


Men’s 1500 Free

Swimming under 16 minutes was Trey Dickey of City of Richards to take home the title in a time of 15:55.04. David Forsyth of Alamo Area Aquatic Association also swam under 16 minutes with a time of 15:57.82. David Johnston of Rockwall Aquatic came third with a time of 16:01.12 narrowly beating out Mason Kelber of North Texas Nadadores (16:01.17).

Levi Sandidge of City of Richards took fifth-place honors (16:09.28), while Longhorn’s Aidan Dulaney came sixth (16:11.90) and Mason Edmund of North Texas Nadadores took seventh (16:17.67). Jibran Himsieh of Mid-Cities Arlin (16:20.90) closed out the top eight swimmers.


Women’s 50 Free

Anelise Diener of Longhorn Aquatics sprinted home in a time of 25.66 to take gold, while runner-up finisher Emma Wheal of Western Hills also swam under 26 with a time of 25.83. In third position was Raena Eldridge of Aggie Swim Club (26.06), narrowly beating out Amelia Liu of Lakeside Aquatics (26.13).

In fifth place was Aggie’s Emma Carlton (26.30), while Ellie McLeod of Dads Club Swim nabbed sixth place (26.45). Kyanh Truong of Western Hills (26.68) and Jordan Wheeler of Longhorn Aquatics (26.77) also swam in the championship final.


Men’s 50 Free

Unattached swimmer Danny Krueger went under 23 to win the race with ease in a time of 22.78. In second position was Jack Armstrong of Houston Bridge with a time of 23.30. Dads’ Caleb Duncan won a close battle for third place clocking in at 23.72.

Coby Carrozza of Longhorn Aquatics finished fourth (23.76), while Piotr Sadlowski of Texas Christian finished fifth (23.81) and Ian Apple of Fort Worth Area came in sixth (23.87). Teo D’Alessandro of Lakeside Aquatics and Dalton Lowe of Spring Swim Team tied for seventh place in a time of 24.09.


Women’s 400 Medley Relay

The quartet from Rockwall Aquatics including Abigail Carroll, Alaya Smith, Laci Black and Emma Hultquist took home the win with a time of 4:21.07. The team from Austin Swim Club came in second with a time of 4:22.76, while the team from Nitro Swimming took third position with a time of 4:23.21.


Men’s 400 Medley Relay

To finish the Speedo Sectionals Austin, team from Nitro Swimming (Greyson Alarcon, Vincent Ribeiro, Mason Tenney, Corby Furrer) won the last event of the championships with a time of 3:51.93. Streamline Aquatics finished second at 3:52.67 while Waterloo Swimming finished third at 3:56.94.