LANSING, MI (WILX) – If you want to see the world from the top of the Mackinac Bridge – here’s how!

The East Lansing Educational Foundation is holding an online auction where you can bid on a trip to the top.

The auction runs from May 6 – May 20 at

The Mackinac Bridge Authority says that they schedule the tours on weekdays, from May 1 – October 15.

And, you’ll have to sign a liability waiver.

There’s no age requirement, but you must by 5’6″ or taller and weigh at least 80 pounds.

There isn’t a maximum weight or height allowed, however, the hole you have to climb through is 16-inch-by-12-inch hole (with a circumference of about 45 inches), according to their site.

Tours are normally to the top of the south tower and are available for two people to win.

Non-profit organizations can request a Tower Tour gift certificate for their fundraisers and auctions.

The Bridge Authority will randomly select 25 of those applications to receive a certificate for the tour.
Click here for the application.

This experience is not for the faint of heart.

From high above the Straits of Mackinac, winners can see the state of Michigan, all of the little “ants” on the bridge (aka, cars), freighters in the water, and Mackinac Island.

People get there by climbing through a hole – like we told you about – on a ladder, then it’s described as “maneuvering through a maze” by the Soo Evening News.

There is an elevator that fits about 3 people, and doesn’t go up all the way, so it’s back to climbing.

Here’s the numbers once you get to the top – you are almost 550′ above the water and 350′ above the drivers on the bridge. And the North Tower is 3800′ away.

The Soo Evening News says that the experience lasts about an hour, but that’s only 10 minutes on top.

This year (2019) all tours will be going up the North Tower because of a painting project on the South Tower.

If you go – be sure to let us know at!

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