BARREN RIVER LAKE, Ky. (WBKO) – In our local communities, we have several veterans and Monday morning two organizations teamed up to give our veterans something fun to do.

The Caveland Old Timer’s Fish Club and Wounded Warriors partnered for the fifth year to host a fishing event for veterans.

“Get out here on the water we’re all fishermen, it doesn’t matter where we came from, it doesn’t matter, you know, what we did in the military, you know, out here we’re fishermen and we have a chance to just really bond with one another,” said Bob Schultz, an Outreach Specialist for Wounded Warriors.

This year seven veterans joined the fish club on the water to kick back, cast a line, and make some memories.

“That’s one of the number one battles is to just get them out and get them active so that was our focus just to get them out on the water, have some good times with other veterans, and keep it small, keep it intimate, and have a good time and then we feed them at the end,” said Bryan Ploughe, an organizer of the fishing event.

The goal of the event is to bring veterans together, go fishing, and have a good time.

Though it may seem simple, organizers say it’s important our veterans know they’re not forgotten.

“I think our veterans need to know they’re not alone,” said Schultz. “I know sometimes they do get isolated and they really need to get out and it’s people like this that do such a great job getting us out, getting us together, and then getting to see how much the community supports us.”

Whether they catch a fish or not, the event guarantees they get to each fish with an afternoon fish fry.

Organizers say veterans and fisherman share a comradery.

“You know, within the military, there is a brotherhood and then within other organizations you also have relationships and brotherhoods and when you get fishermen together for the same cause you also have that same feeling of comradery and brotherhood, looking out for each other, helped each other,” said Ploughe.

Each veteran who participates in the fishing event also received a handmade quilt.

The day spent to honor their service and contributions as members of our communities.

“Giving back to our veterans who have given so much over the years is a very small thing we can do,” said Roger Deckard, a member of the Caveland Old Timer’s Fish Club.

Five years down and many more to come.