The St. Louis Blues and the NHL could benefit from Major League Baseball’s idea of instituting a Players Weekend for the players and fans, and it could help grow the sport.

Major League Baseball is entering their third season with Players Weekend, a three-day event where the players receive alternate jerseys with their nicknames on them, and the St. Louis Blues would have some great uniforms.

The St. Louis Cardinals were featured in the first-ever Players Weekend where they faced the Pittsburgh Pirates in Williamsport, Pennslyvania. The two teams spent time at the Little League World Series mingling with the young baseball players.

This event was a huge success, and the NHL should adopt a similar week or weekend to what the MLB has instituted. Though finding the timing for a weekend like this would be tough, because, unlike the MLB, teams don’t play every day.

The NHL could use the jerseys and nicknames for an entire week of games while finding a way to get involved in communities around the country.

One of the driving forces behind MLB’s reason for creating this event was to get more engaged with the youth, which would help grow the sport.

Teams could partner with local organizations in all 31 cities and could boost attendance and TV numbers.

Perhaps the most reasonable start to a weekend like this would be to institute a PLayers Weekend at All-Star Weekend. The NHL already uses different jerseys for the all-star game itself but could switch to a more unique look.

Some of the Blues players nicknames could be really interesting. Hockey nicknames are already fun, but St. Louis has some great names that could be placed on the back of the sweater.

Petro, Tank, Schwartz could all be some great names to see at Enterprise Center. There are, however, some nicknames that come out that MLB fans didn’t know existed, which brings fans closer to some of the players.

KP8 Design created a concept of what each NHL team’s jersey could be, and the results were pretty fantastic. The colors for some teams may seem strange, but I could get on board with almost all of these sweaters.

The St. Louis Blues jersey is very similar to the third jersey they debuted last season, and KP8 used Jordan Binnington‘s nickname of Winnington as the name on the back.

If I had to pick my favorite sweaters that don’t have a blue note on them, I would put Colorado, Los Angeles, and Detroit on my list. I would love to see these different colored jerseys on TV with some of the best players in the league having nicknames like The Kid and Ovi on them.

If the league were to use jerseys similar to the ones listed above, it could allow for teams to wear them multiple times a week.

You would have to imagine that jersey sales for most of the teams would be pretty high if the sweaters were done right, but even if revenue doesn’t increase, fans will flock to arenas to see these beauties in action.

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The increase of third jerseys being revealed around the league is a great start, but the NHL and the St. Louis Blues could benefit from creating a Players Weekend event. Even if it’s just at the all-star game, count me in for unique sweaters and nicknames.