Ahead of his junior season with the Georgia Bulldogs, starting quarterback Jake Fromm has been highlighted by analysts as one of the best potential prospects available in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The draft talk surrounding Fromm will likely linger throughout the 2019 college football season, but the quarterback remains locked in with his responsibilities to Georgia. That is according to Dawgs247 analyst Rusty Mansell, who spoke about Fromm’s offseason activities during the latest podcast episode of the Junkyard DawgCast.

“I think from everybody I’ve talked to, and I’ve talked to some very very good sources close to this, that (Fromm) is focused only on Georgia,” Mansell said. “I was told this weekend he’s going to take some guys and they’re going to go off campus to work and throw. Similar to what these NFL quarterbacks do (with their receivers in the offseason)…I don’t necessarily know where Jake Fromm is going to go, but he’s going to take some wide receivers, some young guys, and get some extra work. And it’s those little things like that that you hear about that separates Jake Fromm from others.”

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Fromm’s first two seasons have had unique challenges, and his third will likely be the same. As a freshman, Fromm was thrusted into the spotlight after an injury to former Georgia quarterback Jacob Eason, who is now at Washington. Then, as a sophomore, Fromm held off competition from another former 247Sports Composite five-star recruit in Justin Fields, now at Ohio State. Heading into next season, there is no serious competition for Fromm’s starting spot. But he will take the field without all five of his leading receivers from the 2018 campaign.

If Fromm can lead Georgia to the College Football Playoff with a new group of weapons, that will leave his NFL draft stock — and his place in Georgia history — in great standing.

“We talk about his legacy all the time,” Mansell said. “And one thing I’ll say is Jake Fromm, you know going against Jacob Eason, got his opportunity; never gave the job back. Many people felt like Justin Fields was going to take the job from him. Justin fields is no longer at Georgia. And the reason those guys aren’t there is because they did not win the job from Fromm. So Jake Fromm is a guy that Georgia fans should should relish and enjoy whether he’s here one more year or two more years.

“I know this from talking to several, several sources in his circle, different circles, close so would have knowledge of him, that tells me he is focused on one thing and that is this season. Now, end of year you have those (NFL draft) discussions according to how this year goes. But right now there is no hesitation with me saying he’s focused on one thing and that is this junior season at University of Georgia.”