We may still be stuck in the heat of summer but this week has brought a reason for basketball fans to get excited. The NBA revealed its full regular-season schedule for 2019-2020 on Monday, allowing fans to look ahead and circle some marquee matchups during the coming year. 

It was also a big day for the marketing departments of each NBA team, as the schedule reveal allowed clubs to flex their creative muscles and come up with interesting and unique ways to keep fans informed. In the age of social media, a fun and well-executed reveal video can lead to tons of engagement and exposure for the brand, so it’s become a pretty competitive space as teams look to one-up each other every year.

While plenty of teams still go the traditional (or, as some might call it, boring) route with a simple reveal, many others go all-out to impress. This year seemed to be an especially strong year for creative reveals. 


One of the best (and most fitting) reveals came from the Mavericks, who put their own spin on the opening credits of “Dallas.”

The Hawks also elected to reference a television show titled after their home city, paying homage to Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” with a collection of well-produced clips. Their reveal video takes a little brainpower though, as its certainly the most cryptic of the bunch.

The Utah Jazz decided to employ Legos pretty creatively. 

The Trail Blazers went with a simple scroll next to a collection of footage of cute animals, which is never a bad strategy. Adorable animals never lose.

Meanwhile, the Magic brought in actual magicians to put on a show.

As always, almost nothing is boring when it comes to the NBA.