If you’re like us and watch an absurd amount of mixed martial arts
each week, you probably wish there were some sort of rating system
so you’re not forced to sit through a boring fight waiting for
something to happen. In order to help, we rate the fights on major
cards for your convenience. If you happen to miss an event, check
back here for ratings so you can pick and choose which bouts to
watch and which to skip.

Fights are ranked on the scale shown below, based on
competitiveness, the skill and technique on display, excitement,
and the story and drama of the contest. Wherever possible, the
fights are described without spoiling the outcomes. Here’s the MMA
Gradebook for UFC Fight Night 152: Dos Anjos vs. Lee.


New York native Arce returned to the Octagon to take on Julian
who had gone 0-2 since his appearance on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.
This was a really fun striking bout and the action was much closer
than odds suggested. The finish was one of the best of the night
and the back-and-forth action beforehand earns this 3.5 stars to
open the card.

UFC veteran Cummings stepped inside the Octagon for the 11th time
to take on the undefeated Giles, who was coming off a two-year
layoff. Close but boring fight to start off, but the action picked
up in the third round. It’s probably best to just skip the first
two rounds altogether but the third is definitely worth the watch.

What a weird fight between the two 38-year-old veterans. I wasn’t
expecting much out of this but it ended up being a fun and quick
fight with a weird finish that you’ll want to see. [2.5]

Team Tiger Schulmann product Trizano returned to the Octagon to
take on Contender Series alum Dawson. Dawson clearly wanted the
fight on the ground and Trizano wanted to keep it standing, which
gave us a fun bout that covered all phases of MMA. [3.0]

Brazilian prospect Pereira made his Octagon debut against UFC
veteran Danny
. Short fight with a spectacular knockout earns this
bout the highest grade of the night. [4.0]

comes into this fight as a massive -800 favorite against
the debuting Jourdain. The fight was nothing special and both men
were very patient but it was much closer than expected. The young
Jourdain looked really good for his UFC debut, but it was an
average fight. [2.0]

Fantastic back-and-forth fight with good action on the feet and on
the ground. I expected this to be a pure grappling fight and was
surprised how much time they spent on the feet. Both women were
standing and trading in the pocket and put on a show in the third
round. [3.5]

Jiu-jitsu specialist Ramos stepped inside the Octagon for the fifth
time to take on yet another debuting fighter in Hubbard. The fight
was much closer than anyone expected and the debuting Hubbard
definitely made a name for himself against a very respected
grappler in Ramos. [2.5]

The UFC’s all-time submission leader, Oliveira, returned to the
Octagon for the second time this year to take on another veteran in
Lentz for a trilogy fight to end this weird rivalry. Just like
their previous bouts, this was one of the best fights of the night
and the finish was one of the best of the year. This definitely
would have earned “Knockout of the Night” if it wasn’t for a
spectacular finish on the prelims, and the close action before the
finish earns this 3.5 stars.

Rising welterweight contender Luque stepped inside the octagon for
the 11th time to take on UFC newcomer Derrick
who took the fight on just 5 days’ notice. Luque was one
of the biggest favorites I have ever seen and the fight went
exactly as expected. [3.0]

Former Invicta FC featherweight champion Anderson
returned to the Octagon to take on current Invicta featherweight
champion Spencer who was making her UFC debut. Odds for this fight
were very shady and moved all over the place. Anderson started the
favorite and later in the week ended up being the underdog and back
to a decent favorite on fight night. Quick fight and a good scrap
before the finish earns this 3 stars.

Longtime UFC veteran Antonio
Carlos Jr.
returned for his 11th fight with the company to take
on the rather unknown Ian
. This was a wild and close fight that had great action
on the feet and on the ground. I would have liked to see more
striking between the two but this was a fantastic fight
nonetheless. [3.0]

Former lightweight champion Rafael dos
returned to the Octagon to welcome Kevin Lee to
the welterweight division. I expected much more action out of both
men and this would have earned a much higher rating if it wasn’t
for the stagnant first few rounds. But this was still a great main
event with major stakes on the line and is one of the must-watch
fights of the night. [3.0]