The politician believes that the attacker was fulfilling the order of the WWFC head, who had been released from custody.

In Ukraine, 23-year-old MMA fighter, Ruslan Khazhmurzaev, has been detained. He dropped a bag of documents when attacking non-factional deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Vitaly Kupriy. On August 16, the politician was sprayed with tear gas and doused with unknown liquid by two young people of “Chechen appearance.” They arrived in an Opel car driven by a girl. Investigative bodies initiated a criminal case of Hooliganism (part 4 of Art. 296 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code).


Chechen Khazhmurzaev has Russian citizenship and a residence permit in Ukraine, which he represents in the battles; he is also a member of the All-Ukrainian patriotic movement “Dignity of the Nation” and the international organization World Warriors Fighting Championship (WWFC), which holds mixed martial arts (MMA) fights among professionals. Its head office is in Kyiv.

According to Kupriy, the attack was ordered by Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios and Head of WWFC and “Dignity of the Nation,” Vladimir Teslya. The day before, the Vienna High Court of Justice freed Teslya from custody. He had been detained back in January. Kupriy accused Teslya of raiding and involvement in kidnapping, including former deputy Aleksandr Shepelev.

Shepelev was accused of ordering several murders and embezzlement of Rodovid Bank funds. In the summer of 2014, the ex-people’s deputy escaped to Russia. In August 2016, a criminal case of high treason was initiated against Shepelev. On February 8, 2018, officers of the Security Service of Ukraine detained Shepelev and found on him a certificate issued by the DPR Ministry of State Security addressed to Lieutenant Colonel Nikolay Vladimirovich Borukh, Ukrinform reports.