Highly decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, Beatriz Mesquita, wants to make her MMA debut early next year. Will focus on MMA after ADCC is complete this weekend.

If you’ve been watching grappling for any length of time, the name Beatriz Mesquita is nothing new. She’s a highly decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion who has been vocal about transitioning into MMA next. The self-proclaimed “BJJ lady GOAT” sat down with FanSided directly following her women’s self-defense class during former UFC champion, Cris “Cyborg” Justino’s Pink Belt Fitness retreat to divulge more up-to-date plans.

“Today was just so good to be here with Cris,” Mesquita told FanSided. “She is the girl with the most open door. I’m sure for Brazilian women to see you can truly do whatever you want if you want to be a fighter and go there and be in the cage and prove yourself that you can do it. She is the one who opened so many doors and showed that you can live this dream and be in mixed martial arts and keep living that dream. She was one of my motivations to decide that ‘yeah I want to do this,’ it looks like fun. So defiantly that is my next goal right after ADCC I am training a bit Muay Thia I think that is my biggest challenge to improve my top game, like standing, striking but I’ve been training already and after ADCC I’m going to focus 100 percent on that. Soon I will have my debut for MMA. I don’t know yet what event, but as soon as ADCC is over that is what is going to come up for me.”

Mesquita is set to defend her ADCC title on Saturday in a highly stacked bracket, but she’s determined to make her MMA debut, as an amateur if possible, soon after the madness of training for ADCC is over.

“To be honest I would like to do an amateur fight before I go to the professional tournament but I think that is going to be pretty hard with my jiu-jitsu background,” she said. “I looking forward to just have a good fight and get someone that is just starting as I’m doing, transiting maybe from some other martial arts. That is what I’m looking for right now if it is a professional.”

Some well-known athletes have expected or been given opportunities that their peers had to work years to get. Mesquita is fine paying her dues and working her way into the cage the right way.

“I want to get somebody like me just starting out not somebody experienced,” she said. “Especially because the hardest is about the excitement to just be there for the first time. The self-control is the hardest thing, not even just the fight but the moments that happen there for the first time I know because it happened with jiu-jitsu all the new tournaments I step in, that feeling, that excitement, that’s when it is hard to control yourself. I just want a few with the same feeling as the person I am going against. I really excited to do that, it doesn’t matter what [promotion]. I think what I’m mostly looking for is to close the cage door and say let’s do it. I’m really excited for that and I think it is going to be a big challenge for myself that I want to keep improving myself that you can live the dream, whatever you choose to do you just have to fight for that goal.”

Despite not having any fight contract, or even a promotion in mind, for her debut. She does have a clear cut timeline she’d like to adhere to.

“As soon as possible, I think between three and six months I want to do my debut. I don’t want to wait for that much,” she said.

Watch Mesquita compete at ADCC on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 27-28 live on Flograppling.com. Stay tuned to FanSided MMA for all your live ADCC results and highlights.

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