COUNCIL BLUFFS — Zach Hoffman never really knew where he stood in the final round of the Greater Omaha Golf Championship.

That happens when play is forced into a shotgun start, with the field on the course at the same time.

But by starting the back nine Sunday afternoon at Dodge Riverside with three birdies in four holes, he sensed he could be in good shape.


“I think it’s good,” Hoffman said when asked whether he saw the shotgun start as good or bad, “because then you can just focus on yourself. You can kind of compare what the guys in your group and if you’re ahead of them, then you’re probably OK.

“I knew I was ahead of them coming down the stretch.”

Despite a bogey on the final hole, the 38-year-old salesman of industrial equipment claimed the best individual win of his career. He matched his Saturday score of 2-under 70 for a 4-under 140 total and a one-stroke win over Council Bluffs’ Kyle Marcum, who also shot 70 in the final round.

“It’s a first, so it’s great,’’ Hoffman said. “I’m looking forward to trying to defend next year.”

All that tops the city title for Hoffman, he said, was playing in the 2018 USGA Four-Ball Championship. A former Chicago resident, he went back to the area to qualify with a buddy on the course they had played a lot.

Sunday’s round was played on a course soaked by a couple inches of rain that began with a thunderstorm at daybreak. Play started at 1 p.m., which was the original starting time for the leaders.

Also breaking par were Adam Fields of Council Bluffs at 2-under 142 and Pat Tryon of Lincoln at 1-under 143. The tournament, as a Nebraska Golf Association point event, is open to golfers beyond the metro area.

Championship flight: Zach Hoffman, Omaha/70-70—140; Kyle Marcum, Council Bluffs/71-70—141; Adam Fields, Council Bluffs/72-70—142; Pat Tryon, Lincoln/71-72—143; David Easley, Lincoln/73-71—144; Scott Anderson, Bellevue/72-72—144; Tad Leistico, Omaha/70-74—144; Luke Gutschewski, Omaha/76-69—145; Cameron Lampe, Fort Collins/73-72—145; Sean Davis, Council Bluffs/71-74—145; Josh Peters, Omaha/74-72—146; Jay Moore, Lincoln/70-76—146; Alex Zillig, La Vista/70-76—146; John Spellerberg, Omaha/74-73—147; Jay Thompson, Slayton, Minn./71-77—148; Craig Bakke, Omaha/75-74—149; Jayson Brueggemann, Lincoln/71-78—149; Trent Bradshaw, Omaha/71-78—149; Will Wears, Omaha/74-77—151; Peter Alvestad, Omaha/72-80—152; Shawn Endres, Pensacola, Fla./76-77—153; Matthew Quandt, Omaha/73-80—153; Matthew Junge, Omaha/74-80—154; Mike Takacs, Ashland/76-79—155; Stephen Kluck, Waterloo/76-81—157

Legacy flight: Richard Orth III, Omaha/77-74—151; Eric Murphy, Papillion/78-74—152; Robert Cook, Bellevue/77-75—152; Mark Wright, Omaha/78-76—154; Andrew Keane, Omaha/81-76—157; Matthew Christensen, Council Bluffs/78-79—157; Brad Krohn, Council Bluffs/79-80—159; Jack Davis, La Vista/83-79—162; Mark Irwin, Omaha/83-79—162; Tyler DeJong, Omaha/80-82—162; Shane Hess, Columbus/77-85—162; Brett Wolfe, Omaha/80-83—163; Mike Copich, Lincoln/84-81—165; Ryan Fregeau, Omaha/81-85—166; Blake Banghart, Omaha/77-90—167; Dale Savington, Papillion/81-87—168; Richard Orth, Omaha/88-87—175; Myles Shonsey, Omaha/79-WD; Scott Bohn, Lincoln/79-WD; Chad Gibler, Council Bluffs/82-WD; Will Maschka, Omaha/83-WD; Brock Kuhlman, Columbus/84-WD; Evan Macke, Omaha/90-WD

First flight: Omar Santos, Lincoln/72-72—144; Jeff Lamontagne, Papillion/77-76—153; Colin Beal, Bellevue/77-77—154; Ronn Nolin, Omaha/80-83—163; Robert Meyer, Fairbury/87-80—167; Brett Cassidy, Bellevue/82-86—168; Thomas Bullock, Bellevue/84-92—176; Kevin Rief, Council Bluffs/86-93—179; Erik Smith, Omaha/102-94—196; Brad Cundall, Omaha/86-WD; Ramesh Kotaru, Omaha/89-WD

Second flight: Owen Dashner, Carter Lake/74-72—146; Scott Lerch, Omaha/71-75—146; Jonathan Meyer, Omaha/74-73—147; Jim Bush, Omaha/75-75—150; Kevin Culjat, Council Bluffs/78-73—151; Doug Waffle, Omaha /79-76—155; Maurice Godfrey, Omaha/78-78—156; Vince Takacs, Ashland/76-81—157; George Wurtz, Omaha/83-78—161; Craig Birdsong, Council Bluffs/77-85—162; Robert Grinnell, Papillion/89-84—173; Howard Weitzman, Papillion/86-89—175; John Adams, Omaha/84-WD

Third flight: Rick Dusek, Omaha/71-69—140; Jack Song, Omaha/71-70—141; RB Loomis, Omaha/73-72—145; Gregg Vonnahme, Omaha/74-73—147; Brad Bailey, Lincoln/72-75—147; Art Estes, Bellevue/73-76—149; Murray Krambeer, Bellevue/71-78—149; Tom Olson, Omaha /74-76—150; Randy Markus, Lincoln/79-72—151; Rich Adam, Blair/71-83—154; Marcus Bell, Bellevue/79-76—155; Jim Derby, Omaha/75-80—155; Bill Lawson, Omaha/80-77—157; Ron Hebrew, Omaha/79-79—158; Ray Pouliot, Bellevue/78-81—159; Butch Rohrschneider, Ralston/77-83—160; Bill Stiller, Papillion/79-83—162; John Knicely, Omaha/81-82—163; Tim Schulz, Omaha/78-85—163; Al Dusek, Bellevue/84-80—164; Tim Long, Papillion/81-85—166; Sam Kumar, Omaha/85-83—168; Phil Morrow, Onawa, Iowa/80-89—169; Stephen Earl, Omaha/88-83—171; Thomas Lakowsky, Carter Lake/86-85—171; Michael Bosilevac, Omaha/84-87—171; Donald Schmidt, Council Bluffs/92-81—173; Alan Simpson, Bellevue/82-92—174; James Song, Omaha/90-87—177; Bob Nowaczyk, Omaha/98-84—182; Dave Hempel, Papillion/89-95—184; Mick Shonsey, Omaha//92-93—185; Richard Wilson, Omaha/89-99—188; David Lamontagne, Bellevue/102-97—199; Andy Vassios, Omaha/97-104—201; Tim Banghart, Omaha/79-WD; Harris Frankel, Omaha/81-WD; Richard Phipps, Papillion/85-WD; Gary Austin, Omaha/95-WD