Fitness Model Jen Selter is well known for showing off her “assets” on Instagram and her most recent Instagram post is no different. In the photo, the woman who is best known as the queen of the butt selfie or “belfie,” assumed one of her signatures poses to promote her new product, the Jenstabar, a low sugar, protein-infused snack. According to her caption, this new aspect of her fitness empire will be launched on Monday, May 20.

The photo currently has over 100,000 likes on Instagram and close to 1000 comments on Instagram. Many of the comments praised her for taking another big step in her entrepreneurial journey.

“Congratulations on the roll out my love!!!” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Woo Hoo!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!”

As Forbes reports, a couple of years ago, before her Instagram page blew up, Jen Selter was a gym front desk clerk. She started documenting her fitness journey on the image-focused social media platform and the rest, as they say, is history. Selter now has 12.7 million followers on Instagram and multiple businesses based on her online fame.

In 2017, Women’s Health Magazine reported that her net worth had climbed to $5 million.

But even though she’s successful today because of her beauty, she didn’t always feel confident about her appearance. She told Women’s Health that one of her biggest insecurities growing up was the size of her nose.

“It wasn’t small enough,” she said. “They also criticized me because I was skinny. I was eating the wrong things; people would say I looked anorexic.”

Unfortunately, Selter became the target of high school bullies who used her insecurities against her.

“Have you seen the film Mean Girls? It was like that,” she added. “There was a group of girls who had a Facebook group and they would talk crap about everyone, and I was in it. They would write really cruel things like ‘she’s so ugly’ and ‘she looks like an animal’. I’d go home and cry.”

But the now 25-year-old Instagram sensation didn’t let the comments slow her down. After Selter made the commitment to fitness, she created an account on Instagram called @MotivationForFitness where she’d post photos of ripped bodies and motivational quotes. Some of those photos were hers but back then she’d crop her face out of them. The account is still online and now has 1.6 million followers.

Her personal brand started on Tumblr and blossomed from there.

Now with endorsements, online fitness coaching and her own products, it seems that the sky’s the limit for Jen Selter and it’s all thanks to her hard work plus some great “belfies.”