In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says F1 should not try to ‘turn back the clock’ with the technology of its cars.

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What they say

Hamilton was asked whether F1 could follow the example of the classic DTM cars featured in a recent Mercedes video.

Probably not. It’s highly unlikely. I mean if you look at the car manufacturers, the way they’re progressing, it’s all about technology and evolution so we’re definitely not going backwards, I would say.

I don’t even know if that’s a good thing anyway to go backwards. There’s so many elements that can that we can extract more out of this sport to make it better. And that’s what everyone’s working towards.

I think the most interesting time that’s coming is 2021 and it’s if they’ve got it right or got it wrong it’s a bit like the whole Brexit thing or the thing that’s going on in the States. Who knows if it’s going to go right or wrong then we’ll find out when we get there.

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