Career Mode & F2 Championship

Career Mode has often allowed you to drop into whatever car you want and hit the circuit straight away. Some previous versions have given you a test day as ways of introducing you to the new team, but for the most part you arrive and drive in an F1 career mode. Well, not now.

Codemasters have introduced the F2 Championship to F1 2019. Bringing the final junior formula into the game means players will have to earn their spot in F1, competing in a few rounds of the 2018 F2 Championship alongside new F1 drivers George Russell, Alexander Albon, and Lando Norris.

You will also have to choose a young driver program to join, which will limit your team options early in your career. Will you join Red Bull’s program and try to win a seat at Toro Rosso and race your way up to the main team? Or will you sign up with Ferrari and look to follow Charles Leclerc’s Alfa Romeo to Ferrari path?

All these additions will give F1 2019’s career mode a completely different feel to last years game as well as bringing improvements and changes to the rivals mechanic from F1 2018 which was rather basic.

The addition of F2 cars also gives the game another level of play. These cars are similar to F1 in a lot of ways, but they lack the ERS deployment mechanic and the aerodynamics are less efficient, meaning they can be trickier to drive and overtaking is a little easier. F2 has a reputation for more wheel-to-wheel action and more aggressive driving, something fans have been desperate for in F1 games.

Custom Liveries

Fans have been begging for more customisation options in F1 games for years and Codemasters are finally delivering. F1 2019 will see custom livery options in multiplayer mode.

This isn’t the only addition to multiplayer either. There will be a car specially designed by F1 icons Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds available to players that is built to the specs of the 2019 F1 cars and represents a big step forward in realism for the franchise.

Online lobbies can fall into a pattern of watching Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull race around the same handful of tracks. Adding these custom liveries will make every race feel different and give some more ownership to players and hopefully result in drivers taking more care in online lobbies.

Rivalry Renewed

While career mode looks to introduce improved rivalry mechanics, the greatest rivalry in F1 history is coming in F1 2019. Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, along with their legendary McLaren MP4/5B and Ferrari F1-90 cars will be in the Legends Edition of this year’s game.

Along with their cars you’ll get to face-off in eight race challenges and exclusive Senna & Prost themed multiplayer liveries. This adds a whole new dimension to F1 2019 and brings the series in line with other sports franchises that have included a story mode or historical gameplay for some time now.

More Classic Cars

Classic cars has been something Codemasters have been adding to the games for a while now, building on their stockpile each year. They all handle and perform very differently from the modern cars, which makes mastering them an extra challenge for drivers. 

This year the Anniversary and Legends Edition will include the 2010 Ferrari F10 and 2010 McLaren MP4-25 which both won races and competed for the title that year. Codemasters will also carry over last years batch of cars that include 1970’s Lotus’ and the spectacular 2004 Ferrari.

Anything Else?

There is an exhaustive wish list for F1 fans of what they would like added both to the real series and to the game. We would love to see the ability to create your own team in the championship. Adding an 11th team to the career mode grid and being able to design the livery, choose the name, and pick a driver to take the second seat next to you. RealSport Racing has a nice ring to it.