Cyclists are easy to please once you figure out the keys to their hearts. Do some of these activities with them and they’ll be much more inclined to indulge in some non-cycling activities afterwards.

Let them summarize the nuances of training

Sit down at a romantic dinner and let them talk, for what seems like forever, about the intricacies of FTP testing, sweet-spot workouts and the ins and outs of power meters.

While you wonder how someone could possibly spend twenty minutes reviewing the topic of power to weight, your partner will be ecstatic just to be able to talk about the many opinions they’ve generated from listening to hours of cycling podcasts.

Cook them food

Figure out what cycling food trend your partner currently adheres to and cook them a big meal. You’ll gain 10 points of affection from a hungry cyclist if you’re able to time the food for exactly when they get home from a ride.

Leg massage

Give them a leg massage and you’ll earn their never-ending affection.

Bring them to their local bike shop

Nothing says ‘date night’ like the smell of bike lube and tires. For a romantic surprise, bring your partner to their favourite bike shop. Give them some money and watch them run around like a kid in a jungle gym. While they spend 40 minutes comparing and contrasting three saddles that look exactly the same, just relax, snack on a gel and think about how you’ll be able to talk them into some non-cycling activities next weekend.

Take a nap together

Chances are, your cyclist is probably tired from a ride. Cuddle up together under a blanket and enjoy some well-earned rest time together.

Meet them for coffee after a ride

Figure out where they’ll be ending their ride and schedule an early morning coffee date. Maybe you’ll even be able to bike to the cafe. At which point, you could probably join for a portion of their ride, right? Perhaps even the entire ride?…

Go on a bike ride with them

Needless to say, this is the most romantic activity of them all.

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