Kenilworth school Cycle Bus group leader says 5-year-olds suffered abuse for cycling through park

The Cycle Bus group founder Adam Tranter – who also runs the specialist cycling PR firm Fusion Media – told the Kenilworth Weekly News that the group was shouted at by an angry resident in Abbey Fields for cycling through the park. A by-law technically prevents cycling in Abbey Fields, but Tranter has called for it to be lifted every Friday during term time so children can cycle safely to school with the cycle bus group. 

Mr Tranter said: “Unfortunately, on Friday morning (last Friday on November 22) we were verbally abused by another park user. This person took issue with our cycling in the park without being able to see the positive we’re doing. When we asked ‘Do you think it would be safe to take children on the roads outside?’, they said ‘I don’t care’.

At the time it ruined our day but we’re not going to let it get us down in the long-term. Since the confrontation, we’ve been flooded with support by the community and had well-wishing messages from all over the world, even as far as Australia.”

“We are a volunteer and parent-led group who help young children cycle to school safely. These by-laws are stopping children and other vulnerable road users from cycling safely. There is no other alternative route for anybody who needs to get from one side of town to the other.

Mr Tranter said the Cycle Bus takes about 20 cars off the road each week with the organised school run, and pedestrians are always given priority when they ride on shared use paths. He also notes that the infant cyclists struggle to ride faster than about 5mph, “so really there is no confrontation unless somebody chooses for there to be.”

Local councillor Andrew Milton commented: “I was deeply disappointed to hear about the problems experienced by the Cycle Bus last week.

“I understand the sensitivities around cycling in Abbey Fields but I think some perspective is urgently needed here.

“Our town council and district council have both declared climate emergencies this year and in an emergency we need to take action quickly. The initiative that Adam and Aurelie have started along with other parents is exactly the type of thing we need to see more of and it has my full support. I’ll do all within my power to make sure that the Cycle Bus can continue safely and unhindered.”