GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) A 400 mile journey for cyclist Kirby Barbour has a significant meaning as it’s raising money for several charities.

“I want to lay a foundation for him and others and I think it’s really about knowing that we’re kind of all in this together and by kind of connecting these communities,” says Barbour.

Barbour has a son who is on the autism spectrum, he says supporting non profits across the state who employ people like his son means everything.

“People with disabilities don’t always get to shine. We all have our problems,” says Barbour.

That’s why non profits like Lives Of Purpose do what they do, to help those with disabilities show off their skill sets.

“They really do have the potential and the value to do these jobs. It might take a little more training, a little more time, a little more effort,” says Jennifer Dyson, Co-Founder I’d Awaken Coffee.

Awaken Coffee is a coffee shop the non profit, Lives Of Purpose hopes to open sometime next year.

“We would love to have a store-front now or next week but funds will dictated that,” says Dyson.

She says Barbour’s cycling trip will help Awaken Coffee and six other non profits that employ those with special needs, in reaching some of those fundraising goals.

“This is an awesome way to gain awareness and raise some funds and split the proceeds,” says Barbour.

Dyson has a special needs son who she says will one day be able to benefit from Awaken Coffee.

She says, “Knowing that we’ll have a coffee shop that will help give him the employment opportunities he needs, it’s overwhelming. It’s amazing.”

Barbour is on the board of Esteemed Coffee which also works to employ those with special needs.

Esteemed Coffee is expected to open in Cary sometime in 2020.