A HIT-AND-RUN crash which left a cyclist seriously injured has prompted calls for more protected lanes and speed reductions.

The 54-year-old cyclist was hit by a black car – which failed to stop – on the A259 seafront road on the edge of Hove.

The westbound cycle lane on the seafront road was undergoing works, so both the cyclist and the driver were travelling in the one remaining lane.

The Argus: The A259 cycle lane on Brighton seafront work is expected to be finished todayThe A259 cycle lane on Brighton seafront work is expected to be finished today

The driver has not been found and anyone who saw the noon collision near Brunswick Terrace last Thursday can report it to police quoting 570 of 15/04.

Chris Williams, from campaign group Bricycles, said: “The events of the last week show how important it is for people cycling to be kept physically separate from busy traffic.

“This happens across the city, wherever there’s nothing to physically prevent parking on cycle lanes.

“It’s incredibly dangerous as it forces people cycling – including children – into the path of heavy traffic.

“We were really sorry to hear that a person cycling was hit by a car on the A259 last week and remind everyone to take extra care.

The Argus: The A259 cycle lane on Brighton seafront The A259 cycle lane on Brighton seafront

“The seafront is safer than it was, but there’s much room for improvement.

“We’ve heard of drivers being aggressive and abusive to cyclists for not using the A259 cycle lanes, but there’s no legal obligation to do so, and it’s impossible to turn on to most side roads from the cycle lanes without using the road, and crossing up to four lanes of heavy traffic.

“Cycling has a huge role to play in reducing the need for car use, but for this to happen, people need to feel safe, with physically separated cycle lanes on all major roads.

“The bottom line is that if a street’s not safe for a ten-year old to cycle along, it needs to be made safe – either by adding protected lanes or reducing traffic speed and density.”

Bollards, or wands, which separate the seafront lane from traffic have been temporarily removed.

This has led to apparent confusion, with vehicles, including a police car, being pictured using the cycle lane as a place to park.

Sussex Police said they have asked the person who took the photograph of their car for more information so they can look into the circumstances.

Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We’re very sorry to hear that a cyclist has been injured and we hope they make a full recovery.

“This again highlights the need for greater protection for cyclists on our roads so that we can all travel safely and confidently.

“The flexible wands were removed temporarily so that resurfacing work could be carried out. 

“The wands will be reinstalled with work set to be completed, as scheduled, today.” 

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